Disabling the ”Security Code” feature of PHP-Nuke

Run the following commands:

cd /www/docs/mydomain.com/
grep -R “extension_loaded(“gd”)” * | awk -F”:” ‘{print $1}’ | sort | uniq

Wait at least 30 seconds. It’s searching all the files in this directory. Each of the files returned will contain the string ‘extension_loaded(“gd”)’, which must be replaced with “0” to make those IF statments false. For example, admin.php contains the line:

if (extension_loaded(“gd”) AND ($gfx_chk == 1 OR $gfx_chk == 5 OR $gfx_chk == 6 OR $gfx_chk == 7)) {

Modify it so that it says this:

if (0 AND ($gfx_chk == 1 OR $gfx_chk == 5 OR $gfx_chk == 6 OR $gfx_chk == 7)) {

If you are leet, and know VI, a simple replace command would be:


And that should be it!

HowTo Set Up PHP Nuke (a quick guide)

This is more of a technical FYI, not really a practical guide for Linuxwhore.com server users :-). Well, actually, I suppose everything except for the mysql commands could be performed by users, the rest needs to be granted by root.

      mkdir phpnuke
      cd phpnuke/
      tar -zxvf ../PHP-Nuke-6.8.tar.gz
      cd html/
      cp -rp * /www/docs/mysite.com/
      cd ..
      mysqladmin -p -u root create mynuke
      mysql -p -u root mynuke < sql/nuke.sql
      mysql -p -u root
        USE mysql;
        GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP ON mynuke.* TO mynuke@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘mypass’;
      cd /www/docs/mysite.com/
      vi config.php
      ### Change the following
      $dbuname = “mynuke”;
      $dbpass = “mypass”;
      $dbname = “mynuke”;
Open http://mysite.com/admin.php and set the super user info.

Peruse and customize!

FrontPage Extensions

I hate FrontPage yes I do, I hate FrontPage and so should you.

On that note, after 5+ hours of installing, troubleshooting, and testing, FrontPage extensions are now installed on the server. For now, it’s just installed on http://h2ostreet.com, but I can quickly install it on other sites on request, and I plan to install them on all sites by default.

Oh, and FYI, this site was NOT created using FrontPage OR .Net ;-)

The website Linuxwhore.com has changed. Please make a note of it.

I’ve changed my site. Can you tell?

I’ve installed the PHP-Nuke engine, which will make it easier to share server-related information with the anyone using the server. It also makes it easier for me to keep things fresh.

Just in case you wanted to see the old site, you can find it here.