I am Linuxwhore. You are not.
Linux user since May of 1999. Linux at work since early 2000. Linux at home since (?).
I have been linuxwhore since early 2000, and possibly earlier. I derived my screenname from a comment made by an interviewee on Slashdot (Allan Cox?), however I can no longer find that story.
Some of my other pseudonyms are:
linuxvvhore (That's 2 v's, for when "whore" is considered a naughty word)

I have other sites too, but you are not worthy. Bow before me, peon. But seriously, they are either too personal, or too revealing of the man behind the curtain. So stop stalking me... please?

This is me:
Slashdot. I am the martyred voice of opposition. I'm famous too.
Sourceforge. No active projects, just some ideas.
Slashnet. Hardly ever here, but what the heck, I guess it's me.
Everything2. The original E was much better. This one is for pricks.
Indirect contribution to Install Slash For Dummies.

Wannabe posers:
Some cheap-arse geocities page. Billy Stalker? Nice photoshopping, tard. Stumble around this site a while. It becomes apparent after a few links that these people just like to hear themselves expel verbal diarrhea. Get a life. And get your own name.

My book wish list!

People keep wanting stuff, so I give them stuff:
LinuxWhore's Mirror
Porrasturvat (Stair Dismount) installer taat.fi
WinSCP (SFTP and SCP client) installer or exe winscp.vse.cz
PuTTY (SSH and Telnet Client) exe www.chiark.greenend.org.uk
Windows 95/98/ME/XP Resolution Changer/Switcher exe www.12noon.com

Linuxwhore's Linux Tips!
A collection of tips that are either hard to find or not even listed on Google.
Statically/permanently setting your search domains in Redhat Linux when using DHCP (search terms: resolv.conf dhcpcd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 sysconfig new_domain_name)
Identifying the user/process that has a file open.
Creating a MySQL database and username.
Setting up Dynamic DNS (dyndns).
Creating and setting up a favorites/url icon (using Linux)..
What to back up before doing a fresh install or migration.

Some usefull websites:
CSS (Stylesheets) Tutorial. Make your web pages pretty.
Index DOT Css The Advanced CSS Reference. Make your web pages really pretty, really.
PHP/MySQL Tutorial. Make your web pages usefull.
Dynamic DNS using Bind on Linux.
Setting up PPTP VPN client on Linux

Some interesting websites:
I think, therefore I  A . M .
I think, therefore I Rush. So should you.
While you're at it, get Hannitized.
Fox News Channel. They Report, You Decide. Check out this video of a Shepard Smith blooper.
Defending life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: The GOP/RNC.
The kind of man you'd be honored to have as your friend.
Right Voices (formerly Boycott Hollywood). They beat me to it.
An article clip from Housekeeping Monthly, May 1955. Maybe.

Some less than usefull websites:
Spatula City!!!. Home to the one, the only, the original, a staple of the web, The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything!. It's what legends are made of.
My first website: John's Really Dumb Homepage. Really.
The history of Redhat Linux release names.

That's all folks!