Employment: Terminated.

So yeah. I’ve been fired.

So the server had to be relocated. As a result, lots of stuff is in a weird state right now. Most things should be up an running properly again, but I’m still working out some DNS quirks and an email problem. If you happen to notice something odd or wrong, please let me know and I’ll try to get it worked out asap.

Know anyone in the Fox Cities (Appleton/GreenBay) or Twin Cities areas looking for a Network Administrator with 6 years experience working for an ISP? Let me know.

Unofficial Patched Gaim 0.75

Rejoice all you noobs who hate patching and recompiling as I do:

I’ve recompiled the Gaim 0.75 FC1 RPMs with the recently released security patch. You can get them here.

And there was much rejoicing.

Update 2/5: Win32 (Windows) builds are now available! Refer to the above link for the installers.
Update 2/6: For all you Yahoo freaks :-) Both the RPM and EXE builds are now patched with Amatus’ new Yahoo re-implementation patch (found here).. Therefore Yahoo is now functional again.

Google Tampers with Rankings for Liberal Lean?

Compare the “filtered” (links specifically not excluded) rankings for Miserable Failure against the standard unfiltered rankings for the same search. Now Google, why would the ranks for the same search differ? Hmmmmmm?

Sounds like there’s some covert political motives within Google.

Update 2/2: Just got an email from Aaron at the MFP this morning. He seems to think it’s just a Google quirk and says that the rankings have been screwed up all week.

Server Storage Increased, New Sever Status Block

Another disk has been turned up on the server, and the space has been dedicated for website usage. The size of the disk is 12G formatted.

ALSO, I’ve added a Server Status block to the right-hand side of this page. You may refer to this at any time to see the current server status. Update 2/2: I just realized today that the memory status was showing the memory free and not the memory used. This is fixed now.

Server has been rebooted

Just an FYI to all that care, I had to reboot the sever tonight. Somebody filled up the disk and things were probably in a weird state.

Guess I should get those other two disks up and running.

Spam-proofing your email address

There’s an interesting tool that spam proofs your email address for web usage called the Email Obfuscator.

I gotta see if I can put something like this into PHP-Nuke.


Obligatory Holmstadt .com link. Google fodder really. Need to up that Google ranking ;-)

Consumer Freedom

My brother just sent me a link to some ads from Consumer Freedom .com. They make some very intelligent points. I’d like to see more of these ads.

Mmmm. Meat.

The one, the original.

Posers better recognize! Dork.

Turning off console logging on RedHat/Fedora

If you’re like me and log nearly every violation of the firewall using iptables rules, you’ve probably seen these violations on the console. This can be annoying if you are trying to actually use the console for something productive :-)

Here’s how to turn up the severity level of logging on the console so that only more important messages get logged:

In /etc/sysconfig/syslog, change the following




This will drop the log level to 4 (from 7 I think) and will only log kernel mesages of this level or lower (higher severity). Presumably, you could turn off console logging entirely by using 0, but I haven’t tested this.

People Eating Tasty Animals

I swear those feminazis at PETA must have brain damage from lack of proper nutrition. Check out this pamphlet from PETA: Your Mommy Kills Animals (original). I’d think it’s funny (Mmm. Rabbit meat tastes like chicken), except for the fact that this was targeted at small children, and makes outright lies about parents.

These people are only stopping short of making threats on our lives. And of course, they’d think that’s justifiable.

French Military History

Check out this “Google” search result for the phrase French Military History.

Server Specs.

People keep asking me for the specs on the server:

Celeron 433
Drive 1: 8.9 GB
Drive 2: 7.2 GB (Offline)
Drive 3: 13.0 GB (Offline)
Drive 4: CD-RW Drive

Redhat Linux 9 (Kernel 2.4.20)
Apache 2.0.40
PHP 4.2.2

Right March

Here’s an interesting video documentary done by Right March about an Anti-Anti-War protest that took place recently on the mall in D.C.

Pay attention to who is actually backing these “anti-war” protests.

WMV or Real

Another impostor

Bastards. It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

Some dork tries to rip off a InfoWorld article and post it as his own work. Well, at least the host site has some taste.

Don’t be fooled. I am the original.

FrontPage 98 Does Not Work on FP Ext 2002

From the “Why Microsoft software reeks” dept:

Apparently Microsoft figured that it was time to obsolete another product and force it’s users to otherwise pointlessly spend money. FrontPage 98 does NOT work with FrontPage 2002 extensions (which are installed on the server). So either upgrade, or actually learn how to properly write a website.


Wannabe Posers

Some cheap-arse geocities
. Billy Stalker? Nice photoshopping,
tard. Stumble around this site a while. It becomes apparent after a few
links that these people just like to hear themselves expel verbal
diarrhea. Get a life. And get your own name.

Statically/permanently setting your search domains in Redhat Linux using DHCP

So you go into /etc/resolv.conf and set your search domains. You’re happy that you no longer have to type in the full domain for your favorite server anymore when ssh’ing to in, and you come back to your computer a day later and find that they’ve been wiped out. Arg! Apprently DHCP knows what’s better for you than you do.

Here’s how to fix this annoyance. On Redhat Linux systems, there is a file called /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0. Substitute your interface (eth1, eth2 etc) to reflect the interface that gets
configured dynamically. This contains the configuration information that tells your computer to configure this interface using DHCP. There is an undocumented option that can be used in here to set the search domains upon renewal of a DHCP lease. The option is new_domain_name. Use it in lowercase. I don’t think uppercase works. For example, your file could look similar to this:



new_domain_name=”domain1.com domain2.com linuxwhore.com”

Just restart your network service (/etc/init.d/network restart) and,
Tada! Now your search domains will remain there for ever and ever.

HEY THERE! Best as I can tell, this is the only solution out on Google. Do me a favor and let me know if this helped you at all. Send me an email at resolvdomains@john.holmstadt.com
. I’d really like to hear from you! Furthermore, feel free to link to this page to improve its ranking.

Disabling the ”Security Code” feature of PHP-Nuke

Run the following commands:

cd /www/docs/mydomain.com/
grep -R “extension_loaded(“gd”)” * | awk -F”:” ‘{print $1}’ | sort | uniq

Wait at least 30 seconds. It’s searching all the files in this directory. Each of the files returned will contain the string ‘extension_loaded(“gd”)’, which must be replaced with “0” to make those IF statments false. For example, admin.php contains the line:

if (extension_loaded(“gd”) AND ($gfx_chk == 1 OR $gfx_chk == 5 OR $gfx_chk == 6 OR $gfx_chk == 7)) {

Modify it so that it says this:

if (0 AND ($gfx_chk == 1 OR $gfx_chk == 5 OR $gfx_chk == 6 OR $gfx_chk == 7)) {

If you are leet, and know VI, a simple replace command would be:


And that should be it!

HowTo Set Up PHP Nuke (a quick guide)

This is more of a technical FYI, not really a practical guide for Linuxwhore.com server users :-). Well, actually, I suppose everything except for the mysql commands could be performed by users, the rest needs to be granted by root.

      mkdir phpnuke
      cd phpnuke/
      tar -zxvf ../PHP-Nuke-6.8.tar.gz
      cd html/
      cp -rp * /www/docs/mysite.com/
      cd ..
      mysqladmin -p -u root create mynuke
      mysql -p -u root mynuke < sql/nuke.sql
      mysql -p -u root
        USE mysql;
        GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP ON mynuke.* TO mynuke@localhost IDENTIFIED BY ‘mypass’;
      cd /www/docs/mysite.com/
      vi config.php
      ### Change the following
      $dbuname = “mynuke”;
      $dbpass = “mypass”;
      $dbname = “mynuke”;
Open http://mysite.com/admin.php and set the super user info.

Peruse and customize!