Employment: Terminated.

So yeah. I've been fired.

So the server had to be relocated. As a result, lots of stuff is in a weird state right now. Most things should be up an running properly again, but I'm still working out some DNS quirks and an email problem. If you happen to notice something odd or wrong, please let me know and I'll try to get it worked out asap.

Know anyone in the Fox Cities (Appleton/GreenBay) or Twin Cities areas looking for a Network Administrator with 6 years experience working for an ISP? Let me know.

Server Storage Increased, New Sever Status Block

Another disk has been turned up on the server, and the space has been dedicated for website usage. The size of the disk is 12G formatted.

ALSO, I've added a Server Status block to the right-hand side of this page. You may refer to this at any time to see the current server status. Update 2/2: I just realized today that the memory status was showing the memory free and not the memory used. This is fixed now.

Server has been rebooted

Just an FYI to all that care, I had to reboot the sever tonight. Somebody filled up the disk and things were probably in a weird state.

Guess I should get those other two disks up and running.

FrontPage 98 Does Not Work on FP Ext 2002

From the "Why Microsoft software reeks" dept:

Apparently Microsoft figured that it was time to obsolete another product and force it's users to otherwise pointlessly spend money. FrontPage 98 does NOT work with FrontPage 2002 extensions (which are installed on the server). So either upgrade, or actually learn how to properly write a website.


FrontPage Extensions

I hate FrontPage yes I do, I hate FrontPage and so should you.

On that note, after 5+ hours of installing, troubleshooting, and testing, FrontPage extensions are now installed on the server. For now, it's just installed on http://h2ostreet.com, but I can quickly install it on other sites on request, and I plan to install them on all sites by default.

Oh, and FYI, this site was NOT created using FrontPage OR .Net ;-)