HowTo Set Up PHP Nuke (a quick guide)

This is more of a technical FYI, not really a practical guide for server users :-). Well, actually, I suppose everything except for the mysql commands could be performed by users, the rest needs to be granted by root.

      mkdir phpnuke
      cd phpnuke/
      tar -zxvf ../PHP-Nuke-6.8.tar.gz
      cd html/
      cp -rp * /www/docs/
      cd ..
      mysqladmin -p -u root create mynuke
      mysql -p -u root mynuke < sql/nuke.sql
      mysql -p -u root
        USE mysql;
        GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP ON mynuke.* TO mynuke@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'mypass';
      cd /www/docs/
      vi config.php
      ### Change the following
      $dbuname = "mynuke";
      $dbpass = "mypass";
      $dbname = "mynuke";
Open and set the super user info.

Peruse and customize!