Yotta, Kilo, Bits, & Bytes

From XKCD:

Now I just need a table explaining the variances of "gigabarts" and the difference between hertz and bytes :-)

Learn How To Do Stuff

Just in case you didn't know, now they have a book to show you how...

Make you own sign at signgenerator.org

5 Voice Actors In A Limo

I don't know why or for how long exactly, but I've been interested in voice acting for some time. I just think it's cool how these guys sound. Check this out: 5 Guys in a Limo

MRTG Humor

Today, when compiling MTRG, I happen upon this status message...

checking if we can use GCC-specific compiler options... yes
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: creating config.h
ordering CD from http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/wish

Followed by a progressbar-style period list which ended with:
.... just kidding ;-)

That got me. Pretty funny.

Mmmmm. Burrito.

My burrito has 54g of fat, and
1343 calories. How about yours?


For Jake's Mom...

Click here for a Google Search on Jake's Mom.


Keep looking!

Some days I just feel like doing this...


Strongbad Email IM Sound Effects

If anyone has seen Strongbad Email Episode #59 "Marzipan", you've heard the IM noises that Strongbad makes. A while back I ripped the audio out of the Flash file. Some people have requested that I make them available and so here they are: Strongbad IM Sounds

Werdz er fun.


1. The quality or power of producing abundantly; fruitfulness or fertility.

2. Productive or creative power: fecundity of the mind.

I gets my grammer from Kids in the Hall.

I know. Not really "Humor" but I didn't know where to put it just yet. I just felt the need to share this word with all. Its odd what needs arise out of a few MGD's.

Which Nigerian Spammer Are You?

You are LAWRENCE OBI. You are Bank Manager of Zenith Bank Lagos, Nigeria. You will share with me 30% of the $26.5 million that BARRY KELLY who died with a WILL left in your bank.  You put the money in two trunks and want me to claim the money.
Apparently I am Lawrence Obi. Which Nigerian spammer are You?