Getting Henteges 3.5.3 Working Smoothly on the SL-5600

I just needed to publish list of some stuff that I had to do to get Heteges ROM 3.5.3 (Opie) working somewhat smoothly on the SL-5600.

To fix sound: Install opie-qss

To fix backlight: Unknown
To fix timezone: Install timezones-america

That covers it so far.

Actually, upon further review, it seems I'm still in pretty dire straights when it comes to the Z. I'll have to play with it more when I have time.

Zaurus Essentials: QashMoney

This week, in a successful attempt to fix a bux with the Calendar app on my SharpROM installation, I decided to re-install my Z from scratch. So now all the of apps I've been playing with on the Z have been wiped out, the good with the bad. This gives me a great opportunity to properly document what apps I like (and actually work), and how to install them. To kick off this project, I'd like to make my first reccomendation: QashMoney

QashMoney is a free checkbook/finance/expense app. It helps you keep track of your finances, like MS Money, or Quicken. I'm pretty new to it, so functionality and compatibility suggestions are yet to come. If you'd like to try it out, here's how to install it (or at least how I did it):

Download the following ipk files:

Optionally place the IPK files on your flash card.

Install the IPKs, using the builtin "Add/Remove Software" app, in this order: sqlite, libofx, qashmoney.

Run and enjoy!

Opie/OZ 3.5.1 Annoyances

I've been running OpenZaurus 3.5.1 on my Z for a couple weeks now, and although I'm impressed with the progress made on OZ, I've found that this release of OZ is even less usable than 3.3.6. Now that I've been keeping busy with temp work, I've not had the opportunity to throw massive amounts of time at it. I think it would be a good idea if I at least layed out the list of problems I've run into so far, and then perhaps I can solve them and post the solutions here.

1) Won't resume from suspend. After suspending several times, I can no longer resume, and I have to reset.

2) Package Manager/AQPkg crashes. It'll crash randomly.

3) Package Manager/AQPkg won't install to home. I can't install to /home in either program. It seems to be failing on symlinks.

4) AQPkg is slow. It takes something like 4-5 minutes to display the package list.

5) Can't sync with Intellisync in Windows. I don't have the error message offhand. QTopia Desktop syncs fine (but has reduced functionality).

6) No unique Opie feed. The packages from the GPE and Opie builds were piled together in the same feed. It's hard to tell what packages work with what.

Opie and the broken Package Manager

Just a personal note here, but possibly useful to others: . This might make my Z a little more usable.

Twin Paradox SolarExpress PDA

So I've really been wanting one of these to connect my N400 with SprintPCS Vision service to my Z so that I can finally browse the web and listen to internet radio wirelessly, anywhere. The annoying thing is that Twin Paradox has delayed to release of the SolarExpress PDA repeatedly until the following month for months now, putting it perpetulally out of reach since I first saw it. The most annoying thing: I wouldn't need this if Sprint would finally just allow their customers to use bluetooth phones on their unlimited wireless web service. Instead I have to cobble together a bunch of devices to do the same thing.

Opie/OpenEmbedded Goodness

So I have this cool toy, the Sharp Zaurus SL-5600, and so far I've been kind of disappointed with the various ROM images out there, and I've been wanting to build/compile the development OpenEmbedded/OpenZaurus image for my Z. Up until today, this has been an excercise in futility. But for joy! I am finally in progress of what appears to be a successful build!

Hopefully once I get it buillt, I can start hosting the images for other n00bs like me to download instead of dealing with the tedious build process.

Update: Oops. Sometimes it feels like things are never that easy...

NOTE: package openzaurus: build started
NOTE: package openzaurus-2.6.7-jl2-r0: task do_fetch started
NOTE: package openzaurus-2.6.7-jl2-r0: task do_fetch completed
NOTE: package openzaurus-2.6.7-jl2-r0: task do_patch started
DEBUG: patch-2.6.7-jl2 patch-2.6.7-jl2.diff
NOTE: import patch '/home/johnh/src/oe/packages/tmp/work/openzaurus-2.6.7-jl2-r0/patch-2.6.7-jl2.diff' as 'patch-2.6.7-jl2.diff'
NOTE: patch with name 'patch-2.6.7-jl2.diff' already applied
ERROR: patch did not apply, try again with force (-f -i ...)
NOTE: Task failed: 'patcher' execution failed
ERROR: package openzaurus-2.6.7-jl2-r0: task do_patch failed
ERROR: TaskFailed event exception, aborting
ERROR: package openzaurus: build failed
ERROR: Build of opie-image failed
[johnh@localhost packages]$

Update 7/27: Success!... kinda. I finally got the OZ devel stuff to build. I had to tell it to use the 2.4 kernel, and then tell it to ignore applying a patch that was already applied (apparently). It's very much buggy. I see I'm not the only one to notice this. In any case, feel free to download the images here. Good luck!