Opie/OpenEmbedded Goodness

So I have this cool toy, the Sharp Zaurus SL-5600, and so far I've been kind of disappointed with the various ROM images out there, and I've been wanting to build/compile the development OpenEmbedded/OpenZaurus image for my Z. Up until today, this has been an excercise in futility. But for joy! I am finally in progress of what appears to be a successful build!

Hopefully once I get it buillt, I can start hosting the images for other n00bs like me to download instead of dealing with the tedious build process.

Update: Oops. Sometimes it feels like things are never that easy...

NOTE: package openzaurus: build started
NOTE: package openzaurus-2.6.7-jl2-r0: task do_fetch started
NOTE: package openzaurus-2.6.7-jl2-r0: task do_fetch completed
NOTE: package openzaurus-2.6.7-jl2-r0: task do_patch started
DEBUG: patch-2.6.7-jl2 patch-2.6.7-jl2.diff
NOTE: import patch '/home/johnh/src/oe/packages/tmp/work/openzaurus-2.6.7-jl2-r0/patch-2.6.7-jl2.diff' as 'patch-2.6.7-jl2.diff'
NOTE: patch with name 'patch-2.6.7-jl2.diff' already applied
ERROR: patch did not apply, try again with force (-f -i ...)
NOTE: Task failed: 'patcher' execution failed
ERROR: package openzaurus-2.6.7-jl2-r0: task do_patch failed
ERROR: TaskFailed event exception, aborting
ERROR: package openzaurus: build failed
ERROR: Build of opie-image failed
[johnh@localhost packages]$

Update 7/27: Success!... kinda. I finally got the OZ devel stuff to build. I had to tell it to use the 2.4 kernel, and then tell it to ignore applying a patch that was already applied (apparently). It's very much buggy. I see I'm not the only one to notice this. In any case, feel free to download the images here. Good luck!