Opie/OZ 3.5.1 Annoyances

I've been running OpenZaurus 3.5.1 on my Z for a couple weeks now, and although I'm impressed with the progress made on OZ, I've found that this release of OZ is even less usable than 3.3.6. Now that I've been keeping busy with temp work, I've not had the opportunity to throw massive amounts of time at it. I think it would be a good idea if I at least layed out the list of problems I've run into so far, and then perhaps I can solve them and post the solutions here.

1) Won't resume from suspend. After suspending several times, I can no longer resume, and I have to reset.

2) Package Manager/AQPkg crashes. It'll crash randomly.

3) Package Manager/AQPkg won't install to home. I can't install to /home in either program. It seems to be failing on symlinks.

4) AQPkg is slow. It takes something like 4-5 minutes to display the package list.

5) Can't sync with Intellisync in Windows. I don't have the error message offhand. QTopia Desktop syncs fine (but has reduced functionality).

6) No unique Opie feed. The packages from the GPE and Opie builds were piled together in the same feed. It's hard to tell what packages work with what.