Zaurus Essentials: QashMoney

This week, in a successful attempt to fix a bux with the Calendar app on my SharpROM installation, I decided to re-install my Z from scratch. So now all the of apps I've been playing with on the Z have been wiped out, the good with the bad. This gives me a great opportunity to properly document what apps I like (and actually work), and how to install them. To kick off this project, I'd like to make my first reccomendation: QashMoney

QashMoney is a free checkbook/finance/expense app. It helps you keep track of your finances, like MS Money, or Quicken. I'm pretty new to it, so functionality and compatibility suggestions are yet to come. If you'd like to try it out, here's how to install it (or at least how I did it):

Download the following ipk files:

Optionally place the IPK files on your flash card.

Install the IPKs, using the builtin "Add/Remove Software" app, in this order: sqlite, libofx, qashmoney.

Run and enjoy!