To Kaylan, With ∞ Love.;

When I think of my love for her, it's hard to quantify it in words...

I love her more than the number of sands on the beaches of the world.

I love her more than the number of stars in the sky.

I love her more than the size of the universe.

I love her more than the time it takes to get to the edge of the universe.

I love her more than the number of raindrops in the ocean.

If you were to take the largest mass known and divide it by the smallest particle of matter, I'd love her more than that.

In the words of the Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy: "Gigantic multiplied by colossal multiplied by staggeringly huge is the sort of concept we are trying to get across here.". That's how much I love her.

If I were to make a program that were to caclulate how much I love her, it would look like something like this...

while ( "black" == "black" && "white" == "white") {
$MyLoveForHer = $infinity + 1;
print "I love her this much: $MyLoveForHer";

...but, of course, my love for her is so great it would take forever to calculate that kind of value, so you'd have to wait that long for it to finish. Unless of course you had a computer that was infinitely fast, in which case... um, nevermind.

Only God really knows how much I love her, because I love her so much it's beyond human comprehension.

That's how much I love her.

I'm Engaged!

It's been too many days already, and I really needed to put some sort of notice up. So here it is...


I proposed to Kaylan on Christmas Eve and she said yes! More details to come.

So here's the scoop. On the Thursday before Christmas, I went down to Chicago to be with Kaylan and her family. One of my main intentions for coming down early was that I wanted to ask Kaylan's Dad for her hand in marriage. I had already called him weeks before, but I wanted to make a more formal request in person so that we could talk about things beforehand. It had been a busy few days, and I finally had a chance (and the butterflies were subdued enough) to talk with her dad the evening of Christmas Eve. That night, after some lighthearted disagreement on who would propose to whom, I asked her to look something up on the internet. Previous to this, I had set up a domain and a website for her and set it as her homepage. So when she sat down, and I had her pull up Firefox, I went to grab the ring as the page came up. When she was finished reading it, I was behind her on bended knee ready for her answer. In tears, she said "Yes".

Best... Girlfriend...Ever.

I just wanted to say how much I love you.