I'm Engaged!

It's been too many days already, and I really needed to put some sort of notice up. So here it is...


I proposed to Kaylan on Christmas Eve and she said yes! More details to come.

So here's the scoop. On the Thursday before Christmas, I went down to Chicago to be with Kaylan and her family. One of my main intentions for coming down early was that I wanted to ask Kaylan's Dad for her hand in marriage. I had already called him weeks before, but I wanted to make a more formal request in person so that we could talk about things beforehand. It had been a busy few days, and I finally had a chance (and the butterflies were subdued enough) to talk with her dad the evening of Christmas Eve. That night, after some lighthearted disagreement on who would propose to whom, I asked her to look something up on the internet. Previous to this, I had set up a domain and a website for her and set it as her homepage. So when she sat down, and I had her pull up Firefox, I went to grab the ring as the page http://kaylanmylove.com came up. When she was finished reading it, I was behind her on bended knee ready for her answer. In tears, she said "Yes".