Rant: Job Creation and the Presidency

I just can't express how frustrating it is to have people like John Kerry, the liberal elite, and their mindless drones (the "Bush Sucks" crowd) claim to be on the side of the unemployed. Here I am, jobless, and Kerry is threatening to squelch any chance of jobs recovery with his socialist plan for further growth of government programs. John Kerry has been quite critical of the President when it comes to job loss. He likes to place the blame on Bush for the shallow jobs growth. Of course, the reality is that the recession trend started well before Bush was in office and had a chance to push an economic policy. It was a miracle we had him in office during 9/11. It was his backbone and strength of character that brought us the tax cuts that cut the recession off and brought us back on track in upward trend. But of course, the media pushes a well crafted, hand picked set of facts so as to change public perception (a nice way of saying brainwashing) that the jobs loss was Bush's fault. The clock on my computer says it's 2004, but I'm pretty sure it's two decades fast.

But anyhow, since Kerry likes placing blame where it isn't due, I have a question for him and the other Kerry supporters out there: What does Kerry plan to do to create more jobs? Best I can tell, this is what he/they have planned:

Tax credits
In other words: Take money from those who create jobs (the "richest 1%"), run it through some government bureacracy (more government jobs), and then take what's left and return it to the public through "tax credits" which is code for wealth redistribution. And of course, like most government programs, there's the wonderful lack of accountability that's evident to anyone who's been on unemployment or welfare. Basically, anyone with a shaky business plan can get "free money" (codename for socialist wealth redistribution).

Increased Unemployment Benefits
Here's a really simple one. Basically you'll get paid by the taxpayer (the job creators) to do nothing, encouraging you to not work, thus further running the economy into the ground. And as stated before, more government jobs and bureacracy to run the taxpayers money through, with that always present lack of spending accountability.

Government Jobs
Need I say more really. Furthermore, this category doesn't fix my situation. I refused to subject myself to the 4-years-hate of the required State College education, put myself into debt, and get a piece of paper that has B.S. on it. This category includes the members of the NEA teachers unions at our Public (codename for Government) Schools. This also explains their position: Teachers, vote Democrat so that we get paid more to do less, and block accountability and competition in education. Screw the students. One size fits all, cookie cutter, run 'em through the system when it comes to education because it's easiest for us.

On a related note:
It's funny how label averse Kerry is, and then wears the Catholic label as if it describes him. Liberals hate labels because, in Orwellian style, they hate being defined. Unless of course, wearing a label helps them achieve their goal: more absolute power through socialism. I, on the other hand, wear my labels like a badge. I am Catholic/Christian, Capitalist, Conservative, Republican. Who is being honest with the public? Who's telling the truth here? Who is really looking for more government power over your life?

Ok, I feel a little better now. Now go do the right thing. Vote Bush.