I'm becoming convinced more and more that 1984 is coming unless we act now. Case in point:

One of my brothers sent this on to me: Brainwashing 101. I encourage any level-headed, open-minded person to watch it. I say that because I know that the hot-headed, hatemongering masses will not. Most of the video doesn't really surprise me, but the extent to which the students are persecuted by college officials does. It's pretty scary how speech rights are locked down on college campuses to make anything but liberal propaganda speech worthy of expulsion.

I'll pass on the "higher-education". I've got a life-long enrollment to University of Ideas instead.

Sidenote: I've seen the speaker referred to in the video, C. Mason Weaver. He's an excellent speaker, and has a unique point of view on government, taxes, slavery, racism, jobs, and business ownership. I encourage you to read It's OK to Leave the Plantation, or for the impatient, The Rope. For a sample of the content of his speeches, listen to this clip.