Bush in Wausau: Victory in Wisconsin

I just got back an hour ago from Wausau where President Bush spoke to a crowd of at least 7000 (could have been 10k. As you can see from the picture below, the attendance was so large, they had people sitting up on the grassy hill on eiter side of the stadium seating. It was huge). Wow. Amazing. I just don't know how else to describe it. I was probably 30 feet from the podium, and 10 feet out of reach of W when he shook hands with the crowd. I may have an opportunity to see him speak again this weekend. We'll see.

So on a related note: I confronted a protester today. It was quite fun. There were a group of protesters. Probably no more than 50, cordoned off in an area near the entrance to the park. Just outside of the protest area there was a guy standing on a picnic table holding up a poster that said something to the effect of "Pro Life means No War". At first, I walked near him and yelled to him to get this attention "Hey Pearl Jam!" (because of the Pearl Jam shirt he was wearing), and once I had his attention, I yelled to him "40 Million!, 40 Million!" in reference to the 40 million murdered in the US since1973 due to abortion. After walking away for a bit and rejoining my group, I decided to come back and do the level-headed thing: engage in debate. NeedIess to say, I pummelled him intellectually. The guy couldn't stay on point and I repeatedly backed him into corners on his logic. For instance, when I asked him if not going to war would result in no loss of life, he'd say "of course not" and then proceeded to drift away from the point of his placard. I repeatedly pointed out that less life is lost if we go to war than if we stay seemingly uninvolved. The guy brought his mini-handheld video camera (which mommy and daddy probably bought for him), but for whatever reason, seemed to think that our conversation was not worthy of documentation. Of course, that footage could have been pretty embarrassing for him, so I guess I can't blame this genious. But anyhow, the debate was cut short when I was approached by Scott Suder and I respectfully honored his wishes that I just walk away. I'm sure he said the same to the rest of the group gathered around the young brainwashed college student. Well, It was fun while it lasted. Next time, I think I'm gonna do it Protest Warrior style!

And now for a little "Where's Waldo: W in Wausau Wisconsin" starring me...

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