Accidental Evangelist

It's been a while since updating my blog with anything overtly Catholic. I guess work, family, and life in general started to consume far more of my time in last several years. Non-geek-related posts have been sparse to non-existent. It's been bothering me some privately in recent months with elections coming, and now gone. There's so much topical matter to cover, and unfortunately, most of it gets posted to Facebook where my audience is limited (and intentionally so).

If been feeling that, as a result, I haven't been doing a very good job of being an active evangelist for Catholicism. It's been taking a back seat to being charitable with my technical knowledge. I've gained a lot of knowledge from peers in the past 15+ years, and this blog is one of the ways I like to "pay forward" that generosity.

Which brings me to this blog article by Creative Minority Report: Accidental Evangelism.

I think my sense of charity directly, and most specifically a personal impressibility to be actively charitable stems from my Catholic upbringing. I'd could only hope that some person reading this blog would be converted (at least in part) by my actions.

May God bless, and the grace of God be with you!