Overcoming the the Zyploit error when using Unrevoked

If when your try rooting your phone with Unrevoked, you encounter the error "process com.unrevoked.zysploit has stopped unexpectedly" during the initial rooting process, you probably have an application interfering with Zysploit, or a bad install of Zysploit itself. Try removing the following apps (from Manage Applications") in order, and retry between apps:
- Zyploit
- Wireless Tether
- Comcast Xfinity

If someone out there could help confirm what app ultimately fixed this issue, I would appreciate it so I can report the confirmation here. I my case, I started with uninstalling Comcast Xfinity, then with Wireless Tether and Zysploit. Once I did that, Unrevoked worked great.

One thought on “Overcoming the the Zyploit error when using Unrevoked”

  1. Thank you for your hint. I just wanted to confirm, that you only have to remove Zyploit. I did not have any other apps installed, so just removing Zyploit did the trick. It seems like it was somehow corrupted during installation.