My Struggle with Android: Stock or Mod?

Since about November of last year, I've been running an HTC Evo 4G. I had to leave the WebOS platform due to ongoing (and persisting) uncertainty surrounding it's future viability in a quickly firming iOS/Android market plurality. I've enjoyed a number of features from Android and it's apps, even though I miss a large number of design features of WebOS. I'll have to leave that comparison for a future article perhaps.

So after I got used to the features and quirks of the Evo stock ROM, I ventured into the world of ROM modding, specifically Cyanogenmod 7. The feature set of CM7 is very alluring, tweaking away many of those annoyances that come with the stock ROM. However, I notice a number of other quirks that crop up with this Gingerbread-based ROM that constantly make me wish for some of the polish of the HTC-customized Froyo stock ROM. This list is an attempt to document these pros and cons between the two sides of the modding coin.

HTC Evo Stock ROM
Clock App (integrated timer/stopwatch/alarm)
Dialer (functions just seem more intuitive)
Contacts (better contact linking, more intuitive)
Text Selection utility is lacking, missing entirely in some apps

CyanogenMod 7
Improved text selection tool
Universal LED notifications using "WiMax LED"
Better unattended 4G scanning (compared to latest stock ROM)
Notification area quick-toggles (Wifi, 4G, Torch, etc)
No text selection in email
Intermittent signal issues, connectivity loss
Poor Swype integration (conflicts with Gingerbread text selection popup menu)

I will be updating this list periodically as I recall each issue.