Palm Pre: Coming Soon to Muchtall?

I just got this email in my inbox this morning (BCC'd to me):

From: (My Boss)
To: (Our Company Sprint Rep)
Subject: Palm Pre
What are the chances of getting our hands on a couple of these when they are released?
(Other Palm User) from (Our Company) and (Muchtall) from my office are waiting patiently for these….
(My Boss)

Pretty awesome. Hopefully our Sprint rep can swipe us a couple before the masses clean the stores out.

Update 6/2: Just got an IM from my boss:

(11:17:23 AM) Boss: hey you available for lunch on Thur?
(11:17:32 AM) Muchtall: Sure
(11:17:43 AM) Boss: Im gonna get our Sprint reps to take us out


Update 6/8: So I was greeted by this email earlier this morning:

To: Boss (fwd'ed to Me)
From: Purchasing Dept
Subject: (Muchtall's) Phone
Just received call from Sprint, phone on backorder. Not sure when resupply fulfilled, will keep you in touch.

Which sucks. However, a few hours later, I get this email:

From: Corporate Sprint Rep
To: Purchasing Dept (fwd'ed to Me)
Subject: Pre
Inventory is expected tomorrow so you should have on Wednesday.

Awesome! I can't wait!