FeedReader: My New Favorite RSS Aggregator/Reader

My requirements for an RSS feed reader were simple:

  • Windows Support
  • Toaster Pop-ups (with individual news item titles)
  • Feed filters
  • Free
  • I had been using FeedDemon for a while, but it missed the second half of my toaster requirement. That and for whatever reason it seems to take days to get updates to feeds, even when I'd tell it to update sooner.

    I recently switched to FeedReader, and I have to say, if you're looking for a Windows-based RSS reader, you should make this the first client you try. It will probably be the last one you'll need.

    If you aren't using an RSS reader, I highly recommend it. They make life so much easier when you are trying to keep up to date with your favorite news sites, and most sites offer an RSS feed nowadays. It's nice to be able to just open FeedReader and see a list of what sites have updated articles, and even limit the stories to the topics you want. In my case, it's made keeping up with all the latest Palm Pre news a snap. Instead of periodically refreshing 10-15 different sites in Firefox, I just listen for that chirp.