I Have No Party

It's sad really. Fred Thompson, the only true Conservative in the race for the Republican nomination, dropped out of the race earlier this week. After hearing the news, my thoughts shifted to "Who would I vote for now?". My first priority when wielding my vote is protecting the unborn. Guess what: none of the other candidates are truely pro-life. I'm sick with disgust over the condition of the Republican party. They've abandoned their base to woo Liberals who will never vote for Democrat Lite when they have two fine, full-on Democrats of thier own: Obama and Hillary.

So I've come to a conclusion: I have no party. I belong to the nonexistent, yet to be established, Conservative party. I'm done with the Republican party as a whole. If they have any good non-Presidential candidates running, I'll vote for them, but I'm not voting Republican. Not until they get their act together.

I may not vote for President in the 2008 election. I'm that disgusted. In fact, I'm considering voting for Obama just to let him get in office and complete another Carter-esqe presidency. After he's screwed the country up, hopefuly the American people will wake up, the Republican party will wake up, and we'll finally get another Reagan back in office to fix this whole Federalism problem.

And yes: That means you can just forget about calling me asking for donations too.