I give up. Thunderbird, as great as it is at classifying spam, just isn't good enough to combat the all the crap that fills my inbox. It probably only catches %80 of the spam that comes my way, and that's pretty bad when I get 50-100 spams a day.

Why so much spam? It's pretty simple. Just go and register any domain. Set up a catch-all for to point to an account, and watch the spam come in.... for everyone. Susie, Ron, Bob, Jack, Tom, Tim, Phil, and of course, John. If it's a common name, you'l get email for it at Spammers guess at all sorts of common names to try to find new targets for their herbal viagra ads and genital enlargment creams.

This has become a problem for my email address. John is a pretty common name after all. But really, few people actually email me there. I've taken to creating a new email address for each entity I share my contact info with. I've prepared for this by creating a catchall for the subdomain of For instance, if I share my address with Joe Blo, I ask him to email me at If his computer ever gets compromised, or he decides to share this address with spammers, I simply tell sendmail to start rejecting this address.

Other than the fact that i've been still accepting mail for john@, It's been working pretty well. The only people who have emailed me directly are family members and spammers. So I've told family to start using a sub-domained address and told sendmail to start rejecting

So that's it. I give up. You've ruined my uber-slick email address, so I must reject all of your mail and move on to a less convenient address.