Anticipation and Disgust

I'm excited, and uneasy at the same time. This election is said to be the closest ever, and it's unsure to anyone what will happen, or for that matter, how long it will take before we know for sure just what did happen.

All this talk about voter fraud has me worried. I just hope any fraud does not push the gap between the candidates beyond the point of legal contention. It's amazing to me that anyone would think that cheating to achieve their goal is acceptable. But I guess that's what happens when you brainwash people into thinking that they have to cheat to overcome some unfounded fear of election fixing.

I am pretty hopeful though. Just this last weekend, I had participated in a flyer drop at a local Catholic Church. We placed several flyers, the most prominent of which was a color flyer with a listing of the candidates' stands on abortion and the protection of marriage. It asked "Who Shares Your Values? You Decide.". Also, backing up this flyer, was a flyer that explained in a conscise manner, the stance of the Church on abortion and the relative importance to "social welfare" concerns. This drop took place in every swing state in the US. Pretty exciting to be a part of something so big. I just pray that it not only changed some minds, but more importantly that it changed some hearts.

All this poll nonsense is really bothering me. The poll data varies sooo much. And you can never tell just what type of data (likely voter, registered voter, or whatever) they are using or under what circumstances it was obtained. It's inherently unreliable, and people believe it as gospel truth. The polls themselves sway votes. Ignorant votes.

Lastly, I'm amazed at the number of people I run into that just have a blind hatred for Bush. The Socialists achieved thier goal: Influence American politics by infusing the American people with hate toward anyone who supports anything other than Socialist ideals. I've talked to 3-4 self-professed sure Democrats in the past couple weeks while doing volunteer work for the local GOP office, and I've found 1 common thread between them all: They can't explain why they are voting for Kerry, nor can they back up their cliche accustations of Bush. They say "He's a liar. A cheat. He's not really pro-life. Whatever he does he does just to gain power. He's a pawn of corporate interests. He's paid off by big business. He's the antichrist. He lost our jobs. He's sending jobs overseas. And of course, one word: Halluburton." But every time I challenge one of these accusations, I get answers like "I don't have to answer that" or "But what about" and then I demolish the next accusation. Half of them aren't even willing to have a civil discussion. All of them just can't or refuse to debate using logic. The root word of ignorant is "ignore", so it only makes sense that it's best application is in reference to people who choose to ignore fact. It's sad to see that the party that claims to be so open-minded and intellectual really couldn't be more stubborn and blind in their decision to ignore logic and reason.