Driving Pet Peeves

To start off my new pet peeves section, here's a collection of my driving pet peeves:

  • Wanderers. Always use your turn signals, even in obvious turning situations. It alerts others around you of your intent, allowing them to anticipate your movements and be better defensive drivers.
  • Opposite Swerving. Don't swerve left before turning right. And don't swerve right before turning left. It's just plain stupid, and unsafe.
  • Tailgating. If if don't plan to pass me, don't ride my bumper. It's unsafe for you and me, holds up traffic behind you, and forces people to make illegal multi-vehicle passes at high speeds. Provide at least 4 seconds of distance between you and I.
  • Copy-cat Speeds. Use your cruise control. If you don't have cruise control, try to maintain a consistent speed. Varying speed causes wolf packs, which results in the tailgating behavior described above.
  • Slow Drivers in Left Lane(s). When on a multi-lane highway, stay in the slow lane whenever possible. No one should ever have to pass you on the right.
  • Slow Passers. Pass expediently. If you take your time passing, and someone is quickly approaching behind you, you cause wolf packs.
  • Lingerers. Don't linger in blind spots. Vary your speed temporarily to get out of it. Don't allow other people to linger in your blind spot either
  • Unhelpful Obstructors. Deter wolf-packing behavior. If someone beside you is passing slowly, either speed up or (preferrably) slow down temporarily to allow a sufficient gap in traffic so that blocked-in drivers can pass the idiot who was lingering beside you. If someone is behind you and refuses to pass, slow down in passing zones until they do. Slow down to extremes if necessary to achieve this goal.
  • Angry Drivers. Don't flip people off or give people dirty looks. It just makes them do even more idiotic, dangerous, and annoying things to piss you off.
  • Stupid Swerving. When avoiding a moving road hazard, swerve behind the object, not ahead of it. I saw a lady today try to avoid a semi truck that had pulled across our lane of traffic in a yellow light. She inattentively tried to proceed through the intersection, and when she realized that the light was turning red, she swerved in the direction of the truck (in front of it), not away from it (behind it). Idiocy. I think this is why they are telling drivers to not swerve for deer. Because idiots swerve in front of them (toward them) instead of behind them (away from them).
  • Arrogant Merging. When merging with traffic, match the traffic speed and adjust to fill a gap in traffic. DO NOT force other drivers on the highway to move into other lanes.
  • Big Blind Spotters. Adjust side-view mirrors to see further into your blind spot. The rear-view mirror inside your car is for seeing behind you. Don't duplicate efforts by using the side mirrors for the same purpose. If adjusted properly, you can almost completely eliminate your blind spot.
  • Inattentive Lane Changers. Check your blind spot when merging or changing lanes. Even with properly adjusted mirrors, it's possible for idiots to sit in your blind spots.
  • Lane Jockeys. In gridlock traffic, stay in your lane. Selfishly changing lanes causes more accidents and makes people tailgate just to keep you from merging.
  • Lane Procrastinators. In gridlock traffic, find your lane early. Don't wait until the last minute to change lanes just to catch your exit.

    Ok. I'm done. More later maybe, as I think of them.