The MYTH About Oil

The basis of the article "The stark reality is that the supply is finite." is false. How long will it take before people come to grips with the fact that petroleum is NOT a "fossil fuel". Oil is produced by the earth by constant biochemical reactions, whether in the oceans or deep below the surface. Oil is not finite, in the sense of a single pie, it's infinite, in the same sense as any other "renewable resource".

"The Truth About Oil" scarcity is not geophysical, but rather geopolitical. It's about modern socialists (ie, Liberals) trying to gain control over our lives by demonizing capitalists and regulating of every facet of your life.

You want to stop $100/bbl oil? Open ANWR. Allow new refineries to be built. Deregulate oil. Stop perpetuating the lies.

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The Amazing, Walking, Talking, Human Vegetable!

To quote my wonderful wife, "This is why we don't take 'brain dead' people off life support."

Four months after he was declared brain dead and doctors were about to remove his organs for transplant, Zach Dunlap says he feels "pretty good."

Vegetables never felt so good.

NYT: Rewriting History

WARNING: Socialist tripe alert. The following quote does not represent the views of this website, or it's owner:

Ron Susukind of the New York Times writes: "The nation's founders, smarting still from the punitive pieties of Europe's state religions, were adamant about erecting a wall between organized religion and political authority. But suddenly, that seems like a long time ago. George W. Bush -- both captive and creator of this moment -- has steadily, inexorably, changed the office itself. He has created the faith-based presidency."

This supposedly insightful revealing article (propogandist rant) depicts Bush as some sort of cultist nutcase, and depicts our founding fathers as being abhorrent of religious influence in our political system. But nothing is futher from the truth. Our founding fathers knew the importance of a Christian people filling our public offices. NYT totally distorts the original intent of the 1st Ammendment. There's a reason why we have legal precident, and the Courts in 1942 ignored nearly 150 years of it. Now the libs are trying to rewrite our history to fit their motives.

I read the first couple pages of the article and the "stories" they cite seem to boil down to hearsay. And given how they've proven themselves to lie about history to further a myth, I wouldn't give any more of my time tonight to finish this 10 page diatribe against Bush.

Oops, I did it again: CBS and the Draft Hoax.

Once again, CBS and Dan Rather shows us again why they can't be trusted for good news reporting. This draft thing is nothing new, and is only being brought forth by Democrats, just look at who's introducing these bills in the House and Senate. A draft is not what Bush wants, because the military doesn't want non-volunteer servicemen. They just don't have the sense of duty that volunteers do.

Objective Journalism

I've been telling my liberal friends for years that the old media establishment (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, etc.) cannot be trusted for unbiased, credible information. Take for example this 60 Minutes attempted expose of some scandalous documentation, supposedly proving that there were problems with W's National Guard service. Now it turns out that they very well could be forgeries. But Dan Rather still stands by his story. He refuses to believe that the documents could be forged. OR take Kitty Kelly, who will make three full appearances in three days on NBC’s Today show next week.

What one needs to ask themselves now is "Why doesn't the media work to dig up dirt on Kerry like they attempt to do on Bush?" and the answer is obvious. It's because they don't want to. It wouldn't benefit them.

Oh, and while I'm on the subject, check out this article on W's actual National Guard service records