Export/Import Grindstone XML to Google/iCal/ICS

I recently started using Grindstone to track my daily workload, and I've been using a number of calendars on Google to not only share classifications of appointments, but to track historical data (Android call logs, etc). I kind of expected that Grindstone would have iCal/ICS export capability, but sadly it does not appear so. You can, however, export to XML. So I thought I'd write up a Perl script to convert the XML data into an ICS file ready for import into Google Calendars. Feel free to download it and use to to convert your Grindstone XML files into iCal data.

Here's the Perl script: grindstone2ics.txt (Save as .pl, not .txt)

If you are on Windows with ActivePerl installed, here's a batch file that you can drag-and-drop your XML file onto. Place it in the same folder as "grindstone2ics.pl": grindstone2ics.bat

Let me know if this helped you!

2 thoughts on “Export/Import Grindstone XML to Google/iCal/ICS”

  1. Thanks, this helped. I don't understand why you cannot import grindstone data back from the .xml you exported.

  2. If you're looking to backup your task history and restore it to a fresh installation of Grindstone, I think you can do that by copying the "%APPDATA%\Grindstone 2\config.gsc2" file from the old installation.

    If you don't have a copy of the original config.gsc2 file, I think the export XML file format is very similar to the format used in the gsc2 file (which is just XML). You probably would be able to cut/paste the XML data from the export file into the appropriate section of your config.gsc2 file.