Recovering a PPPoE password from an Actiontec M1000

If you ever get into a situation where you can't find the password used on your Qwest DSL account, and you have an Actiontec M1000 router (or similar), give this procedure a shot:

- You can find your account username on the Quick Setup page, listed as "PPP Username"
- Set your router admin password if you have not already done so. Take note of the username and password you set. It's important.
- Go to Start --> Run and enter "telnet"
- Login with your admin account and password, i.e., admin/admin
- Run this command "cat /var/tmp/pppoe_password". The output is your account password.
- Confirm your account credentials by logging in at at

Good luck!

Update 5/29/2013: You may also want to check out my updated post: Recovering the PPP Username and Password from a Centurylink Actiontec C1000A

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