Deleting Specific Entries from Conntrack in Linux

First, use conntrack to correctly identify your entries:

    conntrack -L -s -d

This should display any connections that came from the internal IP of destined to

Once you have confirmed the connections shown are the ones you with to delete/reset, paste the following after the command from above:

    conntrack -L -s -d | sed 's/=/ /g' | awk '{print("conntrack -D -s "$6" -d "$8" -p "$1" --sport="$10" --dport="$12)}'

This will print a list of the commands that would run to delete the connections. Replace "print" with "system" to execute the deletions:

    conntrack -L -s -d | sed 's/=/ /g' | awk '{system("conntrack -D -s "$6" -d "$8" -p "$1" --sport="$10" --dport="$12)}'

Finally, re-run the list command to see that all the entries have been removed:

    conntrack -L -s -d

And you're done!

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