My Official John McCain Outreach Blog

John McCain's campaign wants us to blog for him to help spread his message. Here's my attempt:

Vote for John McCain, the spineless global warming movement pacifist.
Vote for John McCain, the pseudo-Republican who's all talk and no substance when it comes to conservative ideals.
Vote for John McCain, the candidate of the new Liberal Republican movement.
Vote for John McCain, he supports the war. Kinda. Except when it's not politically expedient.
Vote for John McCain, he's Pro-Life. Wait, what's that? He's not really? Oh.  Forget that then.
Vote for John McCain, he'll stand for nothing of importance, and destroy the Republican party in the process.
Vote for John McCain, if you are one of those mythical post-Hillary swing voters that will supposedly save his campaign. But as for all of you conservative Republicans, screw you. He doesn't want or need your vote.
Vote for John McCain, because hey, what other choice do you have.

There you have it John. There's my blog to counter all of your marketing fluff. Good luck to you, because you'll need it without the votes of your base. Personally, I think I may be voting Obama to save the Republican party from the anti-Reagan interests that have control of it. Perhaps they'll finally abandon my party if they realize that no true Republican will vote for Democrat lite.