Crashes On Windows After PCAnywhere Is Installed

I thought I’d take a note of this just in case it comes in handy to anyone else out there.

A couple of weeks ago I installed PCAnywhere 10 on my laptop and when it asked me to reboot, I declined. The next day, after rebooting my computer, I noticed my resolutions were all messed up. It kept trying to show me aspect ratios that didn’t match the LCD screen I have. It would also set my resolution to 800×600, or something similarly weak. Whenever I’d try changing it, the computer would crash, saying something like invalid page fault "Page fault in nonpaged area" with "STOP: 0x00000050". The DLL always listed as being implicated was "awvid5.dll". Upon some Google searching, I realized that PCAnywhere had messed my computer’s video drivers up. I proceeded to uninstall PCAnywhere, and after rebooting, got my stable operation back.