The Server Blew Up

The past month and a half has been filled with many great days, and a few bad days. One of the bad days was 4/12. My server decided that it's hard drive absolutely had to die a week before my wedding and two-three week honeymoon. I managed to get a bunch of files recovered from the server, but not everything.. I had to re-install the servver and get some people's sites up and limping. Fun stuff.

So after getting my life back on track, catching up with some projects at work, and getting some things straightened up at home, I finally got my own site working. It's not all here, but all the stories and comments should be. I have to see what database tables got lost and re-create them to make sure that the site is at least functional.

I have to say thanks to my new wife, Kaylan, for being patient with me as I geeked out and fixed stuff.

Wedding and Honeymoon pictures coming soon!

- Mr. MuchTall