Server Migration

The era of Devnull is coming to a close as we usher in the era of "Courage".

My new server, Courage, has been up and running for about 4 weeks, however with limited usefulness. It had just been sitting there for some time waiting for a greater purpose. My home workstation, Integrity, was originally going to be the successor to Devnull, but after waiting for many months to get a new installation and start the migration process, newer hardware came into my possession that gave birth to Courage. Now I'm not quite sure what to do with Integrity. Another MythTV frontend maybe?

In any case, migration has started to Courage, and I believe that most of the essential services have been moved (http, mysql, ftp, named, and ssh). I have yet to move the mail-related services (smtp, imap, pop, etc.) as I am migrating to postfix over sendmail and am working around some configuration conversion issues. I expect that to be done in the coming days.