Roundup of Work Accomplishments

I've been meaning to create blog of work accomplishments and have never quite gotten around to it, so I'm just going to start dropping them here. Here's a round up of things that I have accomplished so far:

  • Wrote a workaround script to kill off smbd processes before they start to bring a server to a crawl
  • FC5 Deployment: Readied and bugtested FC5 installation procedures for enterprise deployment
  • Overcame LDAP integration issues on FC5
  • Identified kernel panic cause on FC5 systems (running kernel 2.6.17-1.2174 w/e1000 NIC)
  • Configured anaconda and prepared Kickstart for FC5 (near hands-free install)
  • Preliminary work on fully automating branch server configuration (from fresh install to deployment)
  • Wrote runonce script useful for creating things like cron.1min and cron.5min
  • Corrected a long-standing shorewall startup issue relating to linefeeds
  • Wrote a patch to fix the LDAP BDB database on startup if corruption is detected (Redhat Bugzilla 207821)
  • Troubleshooting and adapted Samba configuration procedures to follow new printer permissions standards (deprecated printer admin option)
  • Identified shorewall slow (10 minute) startup cause (Redhat Bugzilla 211338)