Could Not Load otdll.dlo

This morning at work, shortly after an AVG virus scan had completed, one of our users got an error when opening nearly any application that the dynamically linked library otdll.dlo could not be found in the path. After futzing with it for 15 minutes, I was at a loss and decided to reboot. The graceful shutdown failed miserably with errors and bluescreens, but the machine eventually rebooted on it's own. But lo and behold, after it had rebooted everything came back to life and was healthy as normal.

Now, this by itself isn't all that odd. Windows does lots of screwy things that can't apparently be recovered from without a reboot. What was odd is that nowhere online could I find a reference to "otdll.dlo" and the file was, of course, nowhere to be found on the system. A now-removed virus maybe? Who knows. Just thought this might be useful information to someone out there.