Rush is Moving (Finally)

Even before I moved to the Twin Cities, one of my biggest disappointments with talk radio in the Twin Cities was that you couldn't listen to Rush live from 11-2. As far as I knew, AM1500 used to broadcast it on time, but that had changed a couple years back and they moved his anchor show an hour back. This is pretty annoying if you listen to the show online, then run out for a bit to grab lunch. You end up missing large chunks of the show. I figured that this would probably forever be the case, as AM1500 was just simply too popular a station with too much weight to change their schedule back. They wanted to put Joe Soucheray (still a good personality in his own right) and other local personalities in the spotlight, and simply use Rush to attract listeners. Bad move if you ask me. I would rather listen to another station if they carried Rush.

Well, that time has finally come. I recently received an AM1500 insider email stating that Clear Channel has "chosen to end the relationship with AM1500 at the conclusion of the current contract". At first I was worried. I thought that perhaps there would be no EIB affiliate in the Twin Cities area to immediately replace AM1500. But a quick search on Google had me jumping for joy. The Star Tribune (ech!) has reported that Rush will be coming to a new FM talker, KTLK (100.3 FM) in January. Finally, a live local broadcast! I'm also excited to finally have an FM option in the area, and hope all the best for KTLK.