My New Ride: 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4

Well, the time had come to finally get rid of the beast known as the 96 Cougar XR7. The V8 was fun, and the car was fast when I needed it to be, but I was getting concerned with its health going into the winter months, and it apparently wasn't pimp enough for some people.

I went into the dealership and found a mint Arctic Green 2002 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4, 4.0 V6 with ~65000 miles. I talked the guy down from 15K to 13.5 (with the help of my wonderful girl, Kaylan), and the sales guy shook hands on giving me $1000 for my trade, sight-unseen. Sucker! hehe.

Anyhow, the beauty is now in my hands, and the beast has been given the last goodbye. Take a look at my new pride, my new ride...

Small animals... beware.

Update: So the Monday morning I brought my trade in, the ABS light came on in the Explorer and hasn't gone off since. I went on Google, and it turns out I'm not the only one (Search: "Rear ABS Sensor" 2002 Explorer). I called the dealer on Tuesday, and set up an appointment to bring it in today (Thursday) to get that looked into, as well has have the keypad/keyless entry code retrieved from the computer. I brought it in this morning and got a call back a couple hours ago with the news. Sure enough: The rear ABS sensor needs to be replaced. The service dept wanted to charge me $200 parts/labor, but I told them that I didn't have the truck more than 2 days and the light came on. If it was going to cost me that much, I'd rather look into other options. He ended up going back to the sales manager and explaining the situation to him to try to get a discounted rate, ~$100 was his estimate. But thankfully, he just called back and left me a message stating that they will fix the problem for free. Let's just hope that the light stays off for at least 30K miles. I'd hate to be replacing that thing every 8K at $100 a pop.