Village Idiot

A while or so ago I was back in my hometown of Plum City, WI (population ~600) for a family event. It's usually kind of neat to see some of the changes that happened in town since I'd least been there, so I'll take the long way around to get home, and drive past the high school occasionally. My high school never really seemed all that messed up when I went there, but I knew that the teachers there all belonged to the teachers union. What surprised me this last time passing by was the statement posted on the school events board out front: "It takes a village to raise a child". Really?! Because I never recall being raised by a village. I do, however, recall being rasied by a family with a loving, devoted Mother and Father at it's head. Children I know that are raised by a village ignore their parent(s), show blatant disregard for civil rule and authority, and end up following a gang instead.

So I guess they might have made a mistake and were thinking of another "C"-word: It takes a village to raise a criminal.