SprintPCS Native Moblogging

I just got a new toy! The LG PM-325 Bluetooth Cameraphone for SprintPCS. It even works for DUN. Sometime here I'll have to pick up a bluetooth card for my Zaurus.

I think I have an idea on how to get a user-firendly interface for Moblogging on SprintPCS phones. If you type either ##3282 or ##3282# on your SprintPCS cameraphone, you'll notice there is an option for a Camera URL. It appears that this is where the phone looks to do it's uploading to Sprint, then Sprint handles the rest. The Default URL on my phone is http://pictures.sprintpcs.com/WMTP_3_4. Potentially all that one would have to do to get an workable replacement interface for this would be to change your camera URL to your own webserver and watch the incoming requests and posts. Unfortunately the service code from my N400 no longer works on my PM-325. If anyone knows a PM-325 service code, please let me know.

Update: Nevermind. Turns out the MSL (Service Code) is tied to the ESN. I'm going to have to obtain it through other means. I got my MSL for my N400 when I had problems with my Vision service. The guy on the phone had me enter it to reset my NAI programming. Fortunately I wrote it down so I could reset it whenever I needed to. Once I obtain the MSL for this phone, I'll see about finding the MSL in the firmware with BitPIM and a data cable.