It occurred to me recently just how far I've come along the lines of IT knowledge. Years ago I experienced the frustration of not understanding the operation of computer hardware or software and wishing I knew more. I just kept plugging away and time after time, a new idea would be revealed to me like a veil was lifted from my eyes. I still experience this nearly every day. It's hard to quantify just how much knowledge a person has in IT until you start supporting the real newbies, the guys that struggle with installing a printer, or understanding the difference between a telephone port and an ethernet port.

It's funny, because I sometimes meet people decades younger than my mother that seem to be less computer literate than her. I remember back in my early helpdesk days priding myself upon patience for the customer, and encouraging them whenever they felt uneasy about what they had done or in their ability to just work the computer. It's actually pretty wild. It seems the people I worked with on the phone on a daily basis were waay more savvy than the people I work with now. Heck, at least those people usually knew how to connect. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I just look back more fondly than I should upon that experience. Maybe it's that the scenarios were much more structured than the scenarios I work with.

Anyhow, I'm still learning, and having fun too.