Rubberband Conscience Check

Just a quick commentary to help keep my site from getting too stale (too late).

I recently re-committed myself to mental and physical restraint in one area of my life. Since I've been struggling to quit this addiction for over a decade, I've needed to look to others for help, and to other methods of helping myself.

Something that I've never tried, but that seems to be helping tremendously is wearing a rubberband on one wrist. The rubberband itself does nothing, it's power is in how you use it. Whenever I have a bad thought that tempts me back toward regression, I just give myself a good snap. This helps to de-program my mind by giving it a negative response to a bad thought. This overcomes the decades of bad programming when I recieved pleasure from acting upon those thoughts.

This little rubberband has helped me to rebuild and uphold my commitment to my faith. I hope someone else finds this suggeston helpful in reshaping their daily thoughts as well.