Gaim 1.0!!!

w00t! Gaim has hit 1.0! Hmm. I don't feel any different? :-)

Anyhow, as usual, there appears to be some odd aversion to developers releasing Fedora-compatible RPMs. Maybe I'm missing something, but it's really quite simple (rpmbuild --rebuild gaim-1.0.0-0.src.rpm). But in the words of Bubba, "I feel your pain". I hate compiling too. So rejoice! Gaim 1.0 RPMs for Fedora Core! These could be different from the "official" RPMs (whenever we see them) but I woun't know the difference. They work fine for me.

Let's see how many people paint me as a nutcase this time around :-)

Update: After a few hours of installing dependencies on my FC1 system, recovering from a power outage, and some router weirdness, I have RPMs for Fedora Core 1 as well!