Whoohoo! I finally got an Orkut accout! Hopefully this leads to a Gmail invite. If you know me and would like an invite (sorry if I missed you), let me know.

Update 8/29: Uh... WTF? I tried to log in to my Orkut account today, and I get "login failed: invalid password". I'm certain I've got the right password, checked the caps lock, and even followed the password change procedure without error. Still no dice. I emailed Orkut help and so I'm waiting for a response. I'm really eager to get back on... I've got smack to lay down.

Much delayed Update 9/19: Ok, so like a week later, it just fixed itself. No reply from Orkut or anything. It appears tho that this was a wide-spread but not all-inclusive problem, so I forgive them.