The Real John Kerry.

Dispite hundreds of softball interviews, multiple primary wins, a Democratic National Convention, and phenomenal media coverage, the liberal media keep claiming that the voters still don't know who John Kerry really is. So I'm here to help: Here's two excellent sites explaining who John Kerry really is: Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and The Kerry on Iraq Documentary. I hope you find these to be helpful in finding out what kind of person Kerry is.

On a related note: I heard recently "If you were a terrorist, who would you vote for: Bush or Kerry?", "Who would Osama vote for?", and I saw a t-shirt that said something similar, "10 out of 10 Terrorists Agree: Anybody But Bush!". This raises an excellent point. Kerry likes to claim that he will defend our country better than Bush has, but when you take a look at this logically, it's obvious who will do the better job.