59 (and climbing) Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11

Want to prepare your self for the deception in Michael Moore's latest propaganda film Fahrenheit 9/11? Try reading this: http://www.davekopel.com/Terror/Fiftysix-Deceits-in-Fahrenheit-911.htm. There are so many deceits in this film, I didn't have to time to read about them all in one sitting.

Print this out, read it, and use it as a viewing guide to the movie. Oh yeah, and be sure to grab it while you can. Apparently Moore doesn't mind people downloading it using BitTorrent. Can't argue with him in this case: I certainly wouldn't pay to be force-fed crap like that OR to support someone who uses propaganda to incite and fuel blind hatred.

Side note: I've read both Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury AND the quoted 1984 by George Orwell. They rank among my favorites and Fahrenheit 451 ranks as my #1 favorite book (well, aside from the Bible. That's a given). Both of these books address behaviors that the Nazi's and all other Socialist/Communist movements have exibhited. Fahrenheit 451 was clearly about an oppressive government that banned books to achieve a society where no-one was offended, and history could be re-written. 1984 was similarly about an oppressive government that watches your every move, rewrites history, and changes language to conform citizens to a powerful government agenda. These descriptions apply to what Socialists have long tried to achieve around the world, and even in our own country. Just look at most any Liberal cause: The ALCU, public schooling, Supreme Court, The U.N., etc. Moore supports this Socialist world view and will twist the facts any way he can to help further this historically evil movement.