A ''Conversation'' with a liberal.

What follows is a copy of an actual AIM conversation I had with a relative tonight. I post it to serve as an example of just how hypocritically un-intellectual actual conversations with liberals can be. The name of the relative has been changed out of respect for his privacy:

(00:31:10) Fred: btw one more thing....

(00:31:39) Fred: get ridd of that STUPID BUSH icon!!!!!!!!

(00:32:29) Me: heh

(00:32:31) Fred: i dojnt want to start a polictical fight but BUSH WACKING SUCKS!!!!!!

(00:32:45) Me: Better than a flip-flop.

(00:32:51) Fred: what?

(00:32:57) Me: Oh nothing.

(00:33:06) Fred: i didnt get that

(00:33:25) Me: "In the 2004 presidential field there is a candidate for nearly every point of view, his name is John Kerry" -Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe

(00:33:42) Fred: ????

(00:34:24) Fred: what do you mea, he can make up he mind?

(00:34:44) Me: Read the article in the link

(00:35:06) Fred: no not tonight

(00:35:11) Fred: om going to bed

(00:35:11) Me: ok

(00:36:43) Fred: no offence but im NOT being nice. only a moron would vote for a moron. Mr. moron Geroge BUSH VOTE KERRY

(00:37:31) Fred: if you dont like kerry, vote for him anyway because a vote for him is vote against bush

(00:38:08) Fred: but goodnight

(00:38:30) Fred: bye

At this point, he signs off, not even giving me a chance to respond. What follows is the response I prepared for a buddy pounce.

I'm sorry Fred. Those have got to be the most closed-minded, childishly insulting statements I have ever heard. Furthermore, your reasoning is scary. You clearly have no idea what you are even voting FOR, but you certainly would make a mule green with envy over your blindly stubborn belief that you know what you are voting against. Saying a statement like that is like saying "A vote for Hitler is a vote against BUSH". While it may be true, you'll be in worse shape if you do. You need to learn a little more about who exactly you are voting for, because clearly you don't know. Prove me worng. Enligten me with your apparently expansive knowledge of Kerry, rather than your baseless, redundant, unconvincing, humorless insults.

Intellectual and open-minded. Clearly.